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Dedicated to the history of the IMSA Kelly American Challenge

Restoration Projects

Currently restoring the 1983 Kelly American Challenge Championship car -- driven by Craig Carter.



February 1, 2010 - Its starting to look like a real car again!

January 26, 2010 - Some new photos showing the suspension going on and the restoration of the rear-end (FYI this funky surgical scrub green color vs. the usual blue is due to the camera)

January 5, 2010 - Here are some photos I took a few weeks ago while I was at Rick's shop. The body is being fitted and you can see some shots of some of the restored mechanical parts including brakes, suspension and the engine. I'm still hoping to test the car shortly - aeroquip hoses and such are going in as we speak. Car with body fitted. You can see the painter only painted the chassis but no the fiberglass - sigh

Mechanical restoration: The original 90 degree KTech V6 being restored

Original Hurst Airheart brakes restored

Original M22 Muncee tranny with some very trick internals restored

Restored Original Koni and Le Grand shocks

Switch panel in need of restoration still 

The Peerless Logo from the dash -- could use a good polish

Misc. other stuff which needs to either be restored and put on the car!

December 10, 2009 - Well I was optimistic on July 18.. turns out the painter was a COMPLETE and utter flake and ended up wasting over 3 months of my time, turns out all he did was prime the car - he didn't even repair the fiberglass arghh.. The car is being reassembled regardless and I'm going to hopefully go testing this winter, painted or not!  Photos soon once things get more put together on the car. <sigh>

July 18, 2009- Car is at the paint shop as we speak -- engine is being rebuilt at Rick's shop and we should have reassembly done next week or the week after - New photos to be posted soon!

Lots to do still.

(May 16, 2009) - RF Racing in Hayward, CA [Rick Feeman]

An amazing job done by the media blaster to fix the rusty driver-side firewall - they used this crazy zinc process to convert the rust back into metal, cool stuff...

Doors from a donor 1984 Camaro (red) - when it was converted to a GT1 car they put on fiberglass doors

Rear panel had to be replaced due to battle damage from a race at Road America I'm told in 1983 -- (red donor Camaro)

See the rust...

I still need a bigger garage...

Arrival...Intercity lines is a great service -- they had to navigate my crazy small street (May 2008)

To do list:

  • Strip and disassemble car (DONE)
  • Check out the two V6 engines and see what needs to be done to each (in process)
  • Replace and fabricate new parts as needed
    • Exhaust (needs custom headers and pipes) (DONE)
    • Suspension
    • Brakes (in process)
    • Rims (not so good may need new ones)
    • Driveline looks good
  • Paint and body work
    • Fix fiberglass all-around (DONE)
    • Paint (IN PROCESS)
  • and a lot more..
  • DEADLINE: 6/30/09 REVISED 8/1/09 :-)